Seafood Restaurants in Malpe

Seafood Restaurants in Malpe

Malpe Lunch Home is the famous Seafood Restaurants in Malpe, Servers verities of fresh seafood. Most popular restaurants in malpe. Malpe Lunch Home is a fine-dine Indian coastal restaurant which offers cuisines from  coastal regions of the Karnataka. The culinary essence is contemporary and authentic with a distinguished, creative element to it. It serves great fresh seafood dishes. Do try the Masala Fish Fry and Tawa Fry.

For over a decade now their flagship venue in Malpe Beachside is frequented more for its Coastal seafood offerings in comparison to its North Indian or Chinese fare. Tucked into Malpe Harbor,  Malpe Lunch Home continues to serve its regular clientele with panache. Do try their Tandoori Crab / Lobster and their boneless Pomfret.

Seafood Restaurants in Malpe

Malpe Lunch Home is well-renowned for its rich and authentic cuisine derived from the legendary spice coast. It has become a name to reckon with in the food industry and delivers each and every time based on quality and consistency of food. When here you must try their Prawn Coastal Biryani and Gunpowder Prawns – visit this place to experience unique flavors and textures.

Seafood Restaurasnt Malpe Lunch Home harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary sophistication. Visually spectacular in every way, this elegant Indian restaurant is located at near Malpe Beach, enough parking spaces. The restaurant offers exquisite seafood. A must-have here is the  Crab Tandoori.

The best Seafood Restaurants in Malpe takes you on a wonderful seafood journey starting from the Indian coastal states and going to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar. Our seafood menu is vast and exquisite. With beautiful, ancient murals gracing the walls and pillars studded all around the restaurant, this place is a true delight!

This is a homely state Restaurant known for its great Costal and seafood dishes. It has a simplistic décor with local music playing in the background. All the dishes offered here are authentic and flavorful, making for a great meal! Do try their Stuffed Whole Chilly Crab and Sheefish Curry.

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