North Indian Restaurant in Malpe

North Indian Restaurant in Malpe

Malpe Lunch home is famous North Indian Restaurant in Malpe and Udupi, Serves variety of north Indian dishes, popular among  local and tourist of malpe beach.

North Indian Restaurant in Malpe. serves pure and authentic North Indian desi cuisine with a Dhaba style experience.  We are known for pure & rich desi taste. We use high quality ingredients to serve you only the best.

Started by market research professionals who have deep understanding & care for customers’ preferences, we have grown to five branches in Bengaluru in a short span of time. We strive to provide superior, consistent taste & service to our customers. Vegetarian North Indian cuisine with a modern take on heritage mansion–style decor. 

North Indian Food Restaurants

North Indian food restaurants have gained popularity among people from all walks of life because the country has a great variety in its cultural makeup and cuisine. Indian cuisine consists of an array of regional and authentic cuisines native only to the Indian subcontinent. Given the diversity in climate, land, culture, ethnicity, and occupation, these foods vary widely and employ locally available ingredients, spices, fruits, and vegetables. Although the prevalence of chicken is much smaller in India compared to that of North America, there are a number of restaurants that serve chicken dishes.

Similarly, Indian cuisines have a lot of vegetarian cuisines as well as meat dishes. The Indian food is considered to be an amalgam of regional cooking styles from various parts of the country and blends perfectly with international cooking techniques. Indian cuisine has a high content of fats and oil and is very rich in lard and ghee, which can be used for several dishes including curries, Biriyani, rice, chapatis, rotis, stir fries and chapatti. Unlike other countries, in India not many spices are used in the food. Mostly, the ingredients are spices like cumin, red chilli, coriander, cardamom, fennel, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and turmeric.

Spices are available at every kitchen door and they’re easily available in local markets as well. Indian food is prepared using several methods such as rice, which is boiled in water or dry and reconstituted; grated coconut, which is also boiled or fried and mixed with rice and served as a side dish or with curries and chicken or with desserts; steam lentils; and pickling and marinating. There are also vegetarian dishes and desserts. Indian food restaurants serve dishes ideal for non-vegetarian food lovers as well.

Popular Dishes.

North Indian Restaurant in Malpe

Naramdil Kebab, Naram Dil, Kokum Mojito, Dahi Aur Makai Ke Kebab, Tandoori Kulcha, Lahori Kabab

People Say This Place Is Known For

Royal Ambience, Ambience and Service, Facade, Polite Behaviour, Fusion Food, Fusion Dishe

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