Ice Cream Parlours in malpe

Ice Cream Parlours in malpe

Ice Cream Parlours in malpe :  Malpe Lunch Home has variety of ice Cream of Ideal ice cream, Hungyo Ice cream. This place serves 18 kinds of exotic flavour of ice cream and serves them in a waffle cone. You must try chocolate ice creams and Raspberry ice cream.

Ice Cream Parlours in malpe. Their own quirky way of serving ice cream in coconut shell makes them look different among many. Best serve is Guava Ice cream and Chocolate Ice cream. They serve almost every kind of flavour which you want, from chocolate to the fresh fruit ice cream. Do check out their Willy Wonka ice cream for a different taste. This place, despite normal ice creams, also serves a total of 10 flavour of alcohol ice cream which is the main point of attraction of them.

This place got popular for its black ice cream served in black ice cream cone. So if you wana taste the charcoal ice cream then this place is for you. For all those who are from Karnataka, Gadbad is no stranger to them.

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